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    At times life requires change.

    Innergy Connections is a multi-faceted wellness center that specializes in life changing growth opportunities. Most of our clients have just begun planting their seed in this world, others are well seasoned critical thinkers, decision makers, and go-getters. The commonality is they have approached a moment in life that requires a change from what they were accustomed to.

    let me guess- You are the strong one. Everyone calls on you, but you call on no one.

    Loneliness, anxiety and one too many restless nights with no sex and racing thoughts brought you here. You feel overwhelmed as you try so hard to balance your roles within parenting, your career and relationships. Life feels heavy with expectations to complete tasks and fulfill all responsibilities. Oh, let’s not forget all of the big decisions that have to be made- kids, family, finances, what to do next, should I stay, or should I go? Ugh! Who has the time? A new perspective on life is needed, but how? And when? 

    Life is complicated and you are equally complex. Therefore, you need someone who really can understand you. Some days you feel like you are just here without any real sense of direction or purpose. So you need a clear plan. 

    You thought becoming an adult would be more satisfying but the truth is some days- it’s just hard. 

    As a professional, you are used to guidelines and procedures that have a clear process to follow; yet you are unable to apply the same discipline to your personal life which causes you to feel like an imposter. 

    I get it, you don’t need “help” you need to know the process so that you can just get this thing called life right. You want to know what the goal is and how your problem is going to be solved now!  You no longer want to feel like you can’t express yourself because you don’t want others thinking of you as weak, or as if you don’t have your life in order. You really want to be strong but on the inside you feel like you are falling a part. Self-doubt, a lack of confidence, overwhelming sadness and even guilt is taking over and it’s showing up in your relationships with others. 

    You are irritated, and short tempered. You don’t have time for anyone’s mess! Suck it up, after all that’s what you do. You push through because you have to. There is no one around to help you pick up the slack. 

    Are you willing to press reset in order to regain control? Take a deep breath. Being strong is not required. Instead let’s talk about how you could use support- you are afraid and don’t know who to ask. Let’s discover the truth of who you are and define the life you are capable of living. Let’s get into why those around you cannot help. Hey, if we are really being honest you probably don’t want their help anyway!

    If things are going to go wrong why not be in full control of the mess. By this point in your life you believe that everything should be figured out by now. However the reality is- it’s not. 

    Expectations, unresolved issues, unfulfilled dreams and ideas are causing you to worry, feel ashamed,  and less confident. You can’t seem to strike a healthy balance between gut wrenching fear and excitement about the unknown.

    The procedure, your exact how to guide for living a meaningful, satisfying life on your terms is just a click away.


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    Meet Our Staff

    Lewis F. Thomas III, M.A.

    Lewis F. Thomas III, M.A.

    Lewis Thomas, III, MA, established the Black Father’s Institute, which he hopes will assist in dispelling the negative stereotypes and myths about Black fatherhood moving them towards radical hope and healing for themselves and their children. Lewis hasspent the past twenty years as a teacher, principal, and abolitionist focused on the most pressing issues for Black folk and humanity. Lewis earned his Bachelor of Science degree in History/Secondary Education at Lincoln University of Pennsylvania and a Masters in Transformative Learning Communities from Antioch University. He is currently completing his doctorate in Education at Capella University.
    Miya Ingram, B.A.

    Miya Ingram, B.A.

    Miya Ingram is a recent graduate of Virginia State University, majoring in Mass Communications. She is currently the Communications Director of Innergy Connections Therapy. She specializes in content creation and public relations services for individuals and businesses.