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  • Let your Love pour in

    A virtual workshop for all of you AMAZING WOMEN who just want to experience love, happiness, resolve and meaningful connections. For so long you have poured so much into others, it is now time to pour into you.

    Did you start off with a love story along with one of your most perfect plans? As Women we are great at being the mastermind within the lives of others. Are you sincere, nurturing, compassionate, understanding, committed, loving and supportive, yet feeling like you are not receiving those same feelings in return?

    Have you begun to ask yourself why? You didn’t ask for this and it’s not fair. Each passing day brings up more questions and possible feelings of defeat. Do you find yourself feeling nervous or scared and you have no idea what you are nervous or scared about?

    Have you noticed that your smile is not as bright as it can be? I know that you are an amazing WOMAN who just wants to experience love, happiness and peace in your life. For so long you have poured so much into others it is now time to pour into you! Let me share how I can help. I have assisted many women just like you to transition from doubt, uncertainty, resentment and blame; to embracing all that their love stories have to offer by understanding exactly what that love experience meant. If you’re willing to give your love story freedom and release it as a barrier in your life, then Let the Love Pour In is the perfect program for you!

    Course Description

    Let The Love Pour In, is a 4-week intensive program for women who are feeling disconnected, or heart-broken. This course is for mothers or any woman who is separated or divorced. Within relationships, deep connections formed by our heart’s desires carry a strong pull of energy. This explains the triggers of hurt, pain, and anger that we feel long after a relationship that we once adored has ended.

    Life Is Happening For You

    As you tune into you, you will discover the patterns of beliefs that have maintained turmoil and anger, thereby creating stagnation and emotional stress. This course will assist you to transform that energy so that you are living in a way that serves your health while manifesting positive change that is sustainable. As you let the love pour in your heart will become open to forgiveness.

    Create A Life That You Love

    As you let the love pour in your heart will become open to forgiveness. Pouring into you will spark your creativity, uncover your passion, and connect you to your purpose. Additionally, this intensive course will focus on nurturing your spirit with gratitude and compassion. In turn, your intended reality will be revealed as your belief system changes. You will develop new communication strategies that are required to improve all of your relationships, starting with yourself. A full understanding of your new reality places you in a position of power to embrace all things new! And guess what?!!! You get to own exactly what you create!! This is your moment. It’s your time to pour into YOU!

    By signing up today to Let Your Love Pour In, 

    you will….. 

    Acknowledge and affirm “I AM”

    Identify your beliefs and transform barriers

    Nurture the little you inside

    Look into the “mirror”

    Tell your story and speak your truth

    Connect with the disconnection that you feel.

    Get to know your passion and love it!!

    Create a new relationship with yourself that radiates self-love, awareness, confidence, and power.

    Rewrite your story with YOU as the leading lady in your life.

    Pour into your vision and walk in the direction of your dreams.

    Your time is now! Pour in….
    Next Coh0rt – October 2, 2022