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  • Life Coaching

    15 minutes – FREE

    Initial Consultation: Every individual or family is unique with a multitude of needs. Assess the needs for growth, areas of improvement, and life plan goals.

    60 minutes – $100

    Spiritual & Emotional Wellness (SEW): An Assess of needs will lead to a SEW experience where guided exploration will occur. Exercises will include mindfulness and transformational behavioral coaching to begin conditioning the mind towards self-reflection and healthier thoughts in preparation for life’s new transitions. Together, we will frame and map a sustainable SEW life plan to support ongoing self-care.

    60 minutes – $150

    Radical Healing Coaching Experience: This experience provides individuals or families with the opportunity to work towards healing historical and generational challenges that prevent them from being their better selves. We will coach in the areas of mindset and also teach the important skill of time management so that clients can set action plans and offer healing practices as a daily habit. Clients will be provided with access to our coaching system to track progress and interact weekly with us so that they can accomplish their wellness goals.

    60 minutes – $150

    Life Coaching for Fathers: An assessment of the challenges that one faces as a father in building deeper, more meaningful connections with their children. We will use our framework of Self Reflective Collectivism to provide pathways for fathers to access their emotional wisdom in creating a self-improvement plan.