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  • Y Are We Together

    The Y-Model is an approach to couples therapy that focuses on relational conditions, patterns of interaction, and personal well-being. The Y-model uses research-based interventions guided by Self-Determination Theory, and African-Centered Psychology. The goals are to utilize individual strengths to align common core values, heighten awareness of personal needs and intentional acts that increase intimacy and connection; remove barriers that hinder authentic communication and self-expression, while cultivating growth, mutual respect and understanding so that couples thrive and co-create satisfying love experiences. Your collaboration and commitment to something new provide the support you need to keep up your P.A.C.E.- 

    Purpose, Accountability, Commitment, and Empathy.

    Cost- $299.00

    Next Cohort October 9, 2022

    Why Are We Together 

    6 – Week Course – $297

    Two Payments of $159

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