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  • The Process Works

    The Process Works is an interactive online course that uses a mindfulness approach towards the awareness of the moment to moment thoughts, feelings, and perceptions that impact your alliance with your core values and your sense of worthiness. Based on your knowledge of what you think, and the beliefs that you hold about yourself you will be able to define your intentions for living a meaningful life.

    As a part of the process, we will focus on 6 aspects of human development that are conducive to maximizing your full potential: 1) Awareness, 2) personal growth, 3)purpose in life, 4) autonomy, 5) self-acceptance, and 6) relationships. Your understanding of self will lead you to identify patterns and beliefs that influence your decisions and create barriers to living the life that you say you want. Who you are right now and who you desire to become will provide an internal push and guide you towards the solutions that have been present all along.

    The workshop focuses on shifting your mindset and beliefs, to support what you truly desire so that you can create what you need.

    After the workshop, you will walk away with a proven formula that others have used to create positive meaning, enjoyment, success, and fulfillment in their lives.

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    WHEN: November 5, 2022 @11am-1:00pm EST
    Cost: $149
    2hr workshop

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